Idea for Real-Time-Reflections with the RTGI shader

9 months 5 hours ago - 9 months 5 hours ago #1 by CopinChats
I've got an idea for a while and i want it to be shared. why not making a reflection buffer made of depth buffer, normal buffer and point buffer. The concept of the point buffer is simple (but certainly not easy to do): in every corner (of a house for example) points are created. And inside of the zone taken by points, the color of the house (walls, floor, windows, roof, inside, etc...) those datas are stored in a thingy data bank. and by increasing the number of points (from 10% for low reflections quality to 100% for epic reflection quality) the colors even smallar than a pixel will reflect out side of screen thanks to the data bank. Would it be possible? Marty, what do you think of this?
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