We found a way to substract maps

1 year 4 months ago #1 by Yundaz
We found a way to substract maps was created by Yundaz
Hey everybody, hope you all well in times like these!
I am on the hunt here for some Reshade shader creators for an open source project, we want to push the boundaries of what can be achieved with Reshade.

We've been able to make a mod which makes mmo online games based off directx10 and turns em into directx12 online (guild wars 2 currently is our focus)
By using this mod we found ways to subtract many parts of the game and we're capable of showing various maps that shaders can use
like specular maps, glossy maps correct normal maps, bump maps... This way we looking for somebody who can use these maps and see how we can improve a rather flat looking old mmo game from 2012 just like guildwars2 which looks rather dull and I believe we can achieve so much more today by using these maps. If you need more information about this project, let me know. I might respond quicker via discord. Send me an invite: Yundaz#4269

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