Feedback to 3D Application from shader

6 years 1 month ago #1 by whitav8r
Feedback to 3D Application from shader was created by whitav8r
Is there any way at all to provide feedback ( data) from the calculations of a Reshade shader to the host application? I would like to be able to return the closest (minimal) depth from the eyepoint in a view - this would be used as a sensor like a radar or laser return signal so that this min distance would help a flight simulator helicopter avoid obstacles.
Also, for Microsoft FSX, is it possible that the depth buffer results that are being used for DOF are not working - due to some failure of the application itself (or "does not allow depth buffer access")? I heard some mention of that on a forum and when I try DOF with MasterEffects, I simply get a blur for the whole scene. I am going to retry with McFX so I can set RFX_LogDepth=1. (BTW, which file - a .h or a .cfg do I edit like with MasterEffect.h) (Sorry for being a newbie!)

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