Depth Buffer Black Screen GTAV HELP!!

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4 years 7 months ago #1 by fellonblackdays
so when i enable depth buffer all i get is black screen, is there a fix for this?

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4 years 7 months ago - 4 years 7 months ago #2 by JBeckman
In the "ReShade" folder there's a Common.cfg file, open this with notepad or any preferred text editor.


//-Global Defines-//

//>Common Suite General Settings<\\
//-Commentary:Welcome to the ReShade Framework.\nThe Common Suite contains all globally used values. For more information visit .

#define RFX_Start_Enabled 1 //[0:1] //-Start with the effects enabled or disabled?
#define RFX_Screenshot_Format 1 //[1:2] //-Sets the screenshot format (1 = bmp, 2 = png) You can take screenshots by pressing PrintScreen
#define RFX_ShowToggleMessage 0 //[0:1] //-Display a toggle message when using toggle key.
#define RFX_ToggleKey VK_F10 //[undef] //-Set the global key that should toggle the effects On/Off. Go to ReShade/Common/KeyCodes.h for additional key codes.

#define RFX_InitialStorage 1 //[0:1] //-Set this to 0 if you !only! use the SweetFX suite and want some additional fps.
#define RFX_DepthBufferCalc 1 //[0:1] //-Set this to 0 if run an application that does not allow depth buffer access or you use no depth dependent effects and want some additional fps.

#define RFX_ShowFPS 0 //[0:1] //-Controls the display of the FPS counter.
#define RFX_ShowClock 0 //[0:1] //-Controls the display of the realtime clock.
#define RFX_ShowStatistics 0 //[0:1] //-Controls the display of the detailed developer statistics.

//>Depth Settings<\\
#define RFX_LogDepth 0 //[0:1] //-Needed to retrieve values from logarithmic depth buffer (e.g. in GTA V).
#define RFX_NegativeDepth 0 //[0:1] //-Needed for applications with reversed depth buffer.
#define RFX_PseudoDepth 0 //[0:1] //-To use or configure depth shader without acces to depth buffer.

Change the highlighted parameter ( RFX_LogDepth ) from 0 to 1 and that should fix the depth buffer.*
(*Generally not compatible with in-game MSAA or SSAA or any form of driver-forced AA.)

EDIT: Oh and if the config file in my example looks a bit different it's because I downloaded the newest part of the shaders from the Github repository.

(Just trying to keep everything up to date, it's nice to have the additional fixes and additions.)

EDIT: Oh and in BasicFX.cfg you can set USE_DisplayDepth to 1 and below that the hotkey for toggling this (F12 by default.) and then in-game pressing this key will show what the backbuffer looks like which if you get a completely black screen usually means ReShade couldn't grab the depthbuffer correctly.

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