Ive spent 3 whole days tweaking broken Cartoon

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4 years 6 months ago - 4 years 6 months ago #1 by ItsNotHectic
On Fallout 4, trying to get it to work and its broken.

I have tried everything to manipulate it, all crazy sorts of AA and Lumasharpen settings and combinations, gamma curves. I even tried doubling up on FXAA and I also tried having ENB wrapper handle the sweetfx cartoon effect and reshade do the rest.

The effect just isnt strong enough and its algorithm needs a lot of improvement.

The problem is it makes grass flicker, it outlines grass, and even at the slightest setting it outlines trees when they are seen against the sky. It also makes lighting harsh, which is annoyingly noticeable in Diamond City.

I hope once the 1000 series cards are out we have a much more robust cartoon effect with a real cel shader. People on nexusforums want this theme but its just not worth having as grass is everywhere in the game and Im pretty sure someone out there using it would end up with a seizure.

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