RBM Causes black outlines

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RBM Causes black outlines was created by LegoPepper
Hey, I'm running Reshade 1.1 on a game called Blockland which is run on opengl.

When I try to use RBM, I get a few black outlines around objects.

Is there a way to alleviate the black outlines?
(If not I can totally live with it)

Edit: here are my settings
#define fReflectionWideness 100.0 //[25.0:150.0] //-Wideness of reflection in pixels.
#define fReflectionSamples 64 //[32:128] //-Amount of Reflection Samples
#define fReflectionReliefHeight 1.00 //[0.50:2.00] //-Relief Height
#define fReflectionAmount 0.4 //[0.05:1.00] //-Mix factor between bump and original color. 0.0 means no bump applied, 1.0 means pure bump source.
#define fReflectionFresnelFactor 1.00 //[0.00:1.00] //-Lowers reflections when looking at a reflecting surface at a steep angle. Factor determines how much fresnel effect is taken into account.
#define fReflectionFresnelCurve 60.0 //[1.0:30.0] //-Fresnel curve. The higher the value, the lower reflections at steep view angles are.
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