Need help getting MasterEffect to work on ePSXe

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4 years 1 month ago #1 by Hoover1979
I love reshade and master effect but am having no end of trouble getting it to work with ePSXe (Playstation Emulator)

it works fine if I choose a 4:3 resolution but that limits me to a max resolution of 1280x960.

I like to run at either 1920x1080 16:9 with the widescreen fix (1440x1080 window in fullscreen) or 3840x2160 with the widescreen fix (2880x2160 window in fullscreen). With these modes set and reshade enabled, my eyes bleed as the black borders on the left and right of the gameplay screen go white and get affected by color bloom. I tried mucking around with the border and mask settings and just can't get them to work at all.

Please can someone help me get the 1440x1080 center of my 1080p and the 2880 center of my 2160p to use the effect without the borders giving me severe eye strain. 1280x960 is low resolution in this day and age.

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