Error x3004 HeatHaze & AL Color Adaptation (GemFX)

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3 years 7 months ago #1 by CaptainXLAB
I'm using ReShade v2.0.3 with Framework v1.1 on Adobe Flash Player.
I wanted the Heat Haze effect to be controlled by Ambient Light.
Both effects - heathaze and ambientlight work separately but not together.
I'm using Ambient Light Adaptation with AL_HeatHazeControle and HeatHaze.

ERRORx3004 says "Undeclared Identifier (alInColor)" in \Reshade\GemFX\HeatHazeControle.h (Line 38, Char 21)
I went to the HeatHazeControle.h and removed the error line, then it said "Undeclared Identifier (DetectLowColor)"
Warning: Spoiler! [ Click to expand ]

I think, in HeatHaze, the ambient light identifiers (alInColor, alOutColor, DetectLowColor, etc) are missing.
With ReShade v1.1.0f1, it's the same thing works perfectly fine. Hope it'll be fixed.

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