3.0.5 Filmic Pass glitching

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3 years 4 months ago - 3 years 4 months ago #1 by Marty
In Fallout 4, I have this problem with Filmic Pass, or aleast it only appears when I turn it on. This glitch (clipping?) happens on higlights but it's mostly visible in very high contrast hights, explosions etc. I ported my config to older Framework 1.10 and everything is OK there... So I'm not sure if it's problem in shader or in Reshade itself. I also noticed this problem in Witcher 3 on earlier 3.0 Reshade.
I'm using LumaSharpen, LiftGammaGain, LightDoF_Far, FilmicPass, Tonemap and AmbientLight shaders.

Here's how it looks:


And here it is in 1.1, no glitches


Any help is appreciated.

//SOLVED Reordering shaders helped.

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