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TOPIC: Far Depth of Field not working?

Far Depth of Field not working? 1 year 9 months ago #1

The last time I played fallout 4 - back in summer 2017 - I used far depth of field, e.i depth of field only in distance.

But now it seems like this effect does not work anymore? I have sat down for two hours know.. trying to tweak [LightDoF.fx].

Weird thing is, it is ONLY far depth of field that is not working...the others are working perfectly. But I cant use them since I only want DOF for very, very distant objects.

Any suggestions or ideas? :(

EDIT: A few days ago I also tried to use Adaptive Fog because I think it might fit. But that does not work either. It's weird, because i've never had any problems with reshade before.
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