3D LUT from DisplayCal-Calibration does look scary

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1 year 11 months ago #1 by Leech

i installed Reshade 3.3.2 and got it working with D3 as my test game. I found a nice preset ( D3 Preset ) and got that working. Now i want to use the 3D LUTs that I created with DisplayCal and the X-Rite I1 for my display.
Here is what the LUT .png looks like: https://ibb.co/nd6ezd

-I guess I need to use the LUT.fx shader?
-I entered the following settings in the shader.fx:
#ifndef fLUT_TextureName
	#define fLUT_TextureName "HPOmen27_LUT.png"
#ifndef fLUT_TileSizeXY
	#define fLUT_TileSizeXY 64
#ifndef fLUT_TileAmount
	#define fLUT_TileAmount 32

-When I activate the LUT.fx the whole image gets totally green. When I use the preinstalled nothing-LUT from LUT.fx nothing changes which is correct. So the tool is using my .png.
-So I guess something is wrong with the .png?
-I calibrated using 64x64 maps, so I guess the 64 in fLUT_TileSizeXY is correct?
- fLUT_TileAmount is on 32. I also tried 33 (as I count 33 squares) and 64. What is the correct thing?
-When I see the standard paked in LUT.png it goes horizontaly. Mine goes vertically. Is that the problem? How to transpose it, if thats the problem?

Thank you very much !

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1 year 11 months ago #2 by Daodan
So, first i think the LUT needs to be horizontal but you can rotate it very easily.
Second, fLUT_TileSize and fLUT_TileAmount should be set to 33, because every tile is 33x33 big and there are 33 of them.
Lastly - and that's why your LUT maybe not work as inteded - the RGB values in the LUT are not "encoded" in a way the LUT shader expects them to be.
You can see that when you open your LUT and the one that comes with ReShade in GIMP or Photoshop and decompose them into their red, green and blue values. For example, the value of the green channel should increase from top to bottom but in your LUT it decreases from left to right. Which means that the shader fetches the wrong color.

I don't know the software you made the LUT with, but maybe there are some settings with which you can change the way the LUT gets created.

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1 year 11 months ago #3 by Fu-Bama
Check out this shader, github.com/Fubaxiusz/fubax-shaders/blob/...haders/DisplayLUT.fx
...it generates neutral LUT in the left top corner of the screen.

You can use it to take a screen-shoot and later adjust the color in some software or just bake some color effects from multiple shaders into one LUT.

After that resize image canvas to 1024x32 at the left top corner.
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1 year 11 months ago - 1 year 11 months ago #4 by Chavolatra
I seatch for Lut 64^3 but dont find this =(

someone send me this ?

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