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TOPIC: How to configure FXAA/smaa preset commands?

How to configure FXAA/smaa preset commands? 2 weeks 2 days ago #1

I have been trying to get the other presets (the ones other than default) on FXAA to run on bf1. I never seem to know how to edit the command lines

Are the custom commands with the # suppoosed to be within the fxaa file? within the processor argument lines in the reshade program? what am I supposed to do top get the other presets to activate?

I am running a gtx 1080ti, so it would be nice to know if fxaa/smaa/msaa can replace the taa in BF

Thanks again, if there was a guide as to what to write and where to input it, I would really appreciate it, I am confused if it needs to be modified within the shader file itself, or in some command argument in the reshade program-in game... and even then, how do I write them and activate them

I appreciate any help
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