Black screen bug with MXAO and Half-Life (WON)

2 years 4 months ago - 2 years 4 months ago #1 by brazzjazz
I couldn't find a way to contact Marty McFly directly, so maybe he'll notice it here. I've been fiddling around with ReShade and the original retail Half-Life (not the Steam version), because I wanted to retain the original menu. This has come with a few drawbacks, such as decreased compatibility with ReShade. One particular and very peculiar problem is that MXAO works in general, HOWEVER when I choose certain weapons (such as the crowbar) or press "Pause", the screen turns black. When I select another weapon, or specifically deactivate MXAO, the screen turns back to normal. I wonder whether, and if so, how this could be fixed. I've made my preset available in the database:
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