Keybind for Toggle All?

2 years 1 month ago #1 by DNAP2010
Keybind for Toggle All? was created by DNAP2010
I have ReShade installed on a bunch of different games and only encounter this issue with a game for which I use a controller emulator (it's called WoWMapper). I'm playing with a controller, and for some reason when I press in on either stick, it toggles on or off every shader effect I have installed. So, I have Levels activated, and it deactivates it. Everything that's off gets turned off and vice-versa. I just want to disable this functionality. However, the only bindings I can seem to figure out how to change are for reload the effects, toggle effects, and opening the menu. I've changed those all around and nothing changes this behavior. Can someone help me figure out which key input might be responsible? Thank you!

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