P3Dv5 HF2 + ReShade 478.0.846 works!!!!

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3 days 16 hours ago - 3 days 16 hours ago #1 by Adamski_NZ
After looking at P3Dv5 threads here, I wasn't too hopeful - but, encouraged by Reshade's performance in XP11 I though I'd have nothing to lose. After all, it doesn't mess with any core P3D files ...

I hadn't dared to even try Reshadewith vanilla P3Dv5 or with HF1. Imagine my amazement to find that IT WORKS!!!! B) :) :woohoo:

This is Reshade v478.0.846 (latest as of posting) and P3Dv5 with Hotfix2. Select DX12 when running the Reshade installer.

To early to say if there are any "gotchas" as yet ... but all *appears* to be fine so far.

Congrats and many thanks to everyone that's made this possible. :cheer:


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