Sims 4 MXAO not working

1 year 2 months ago #1 by player010
Sims 4 MXAO not working was created by player010

I am new here and I am a bit new to reshade. I used it before but I re-installed my game which made me re-install reshade again and the presets / reshaders I used again before as well. Everything worked fine before I re-installed the game but now my MXAO.fx is not working anymore.

I use ReShade 3.0.8 since I am not familiar with the newer versions.

I am really sorry if this problem is already solved or if I post this in the wrong place, I am just really desperate at this point since I am trying to fix this for days. Also my English is really limited but I will manage.

Sorry to bother and hope someone has the answer. thank you!

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