RTGI not stable when moving in Skyrim with enb

4 months 18 hours ago #1 by Skinner
Hi guys, I've a problem.
I recently switched to a 3090 GPU and am having trouble getting RTGI to
work in Oldrim with an enb (and SKGE) and Oblivion enb (and Obliviob reloaded)
I tried various combinations with reshade and RTGI versions but,
I can't get a stable depthbuffer, the image (AO and IBL part) gets teared when turing/moving, or become white blurred
I tried differend settings, AspectRatioHeuristics, copy before clear, ticked different boxes,
edited preproccesor settings, but no dice yet. 
I have this set in the proxy settings from enblocal:


Before I get a R6900XT (which was great but I got not enough V-ram for 5K)
and have to troubles to set things up.

Anyone knows a solution to get this to work right?

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