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6 months 1 week ago - 6 months 1 week ago #1 by Arthur_Br1000 Transformers The Game Some Effects Don't Work was created by Arthur_Br1000
I tried put Reshade in Transformers The Game and for some reason some effects like SSR, Ambient Occlusion, DOF, etc does not work, but for some reason when i pause the game the effects starts working, but when i unpause it stops working again, i tried download the normal version in the first time, and to try fix it, i unistalled the normal version and installed the Addon version but stills not working, i tried enable and disable effects in the GAME configuration like Anti aliasing and it stills not working, how can i fix this? I looked in Depth Display and when i pause everthing looks okay being the left side as it should be and the same to the right side being dark in close objects and light in far ones, but when unpaused the left side looks grey and the right side is just black(the same error happens both if paused or unpaused if i enable the anti-aliasing, but when i disable the anti aliasing in GAME configuration the error just happens when unpaused), can someone help me?

additional information: effects like bloom, Blur(not dof), motion blur, color correction, etc still working in unpaused and paused game, also, the game is Direct X 9 (DX9) so the problem is not because i selected the wrong 3D Backend, i selected the right one (DX9)
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