Would This Be Possible ? (Assistant Tool)

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Would This Be Possible ? (Assistant Tool) was created by bopper2010
Hi I originally posted this in the main 2.0 discussion thread and then realized it belonged here so I moved it. This is part poor mans design concept and half a question mainly for Ganossa but also for other user's to see if they find my proposed layout idea good or bad and to hear from Ganossa if this would even be possible or not from a development standpoint.

I think the current Assistant tool is pretty great, especially this latest release but there's a couple of small issues I have with it currently. I would nearly go as far to say its close to perfect in 90% of its intended purposes, it does things quickly and efficiently and adding profiles and presets is easier and far more user friendly. The aesthetic changes of the GUI have grown on me quickly so my only remaining gripe is to do with the Shader or Effects section. I just find scrolling through a long list of effects with scroll wheel to be tedious and it slows down the whole process of editing and adjusting things in a quick manner. I found the old Mediator to be more efficient in this regard or at least it felt more intuitive.

I understand this sort of application takes time to work on and Ganossa has already improved it greatly and Im not trying to be critical of his efforts I couldn't do what he does but this is just one users opinion on how I feel the application could be improved in terms of its ease of use and functionality for users of all levels.

So I did a couple of quick mock up layout examples in Photoshop just to better illustrate my point so that what Im proposing isnt misunderstood.
The basic idea is to group the effects in 3 separate vertical rows with a scroll bar on the right side to aid with navigation (If possible) instead of one long row of effects. This 3 row layout could fit inside the existing empty space on screen and would thus show more effects on screen for the user to quickly enable/disable or jump to edit settings for. This just seems a more efficient use of space and even if the scroll bar is not possible or requires far too much effort, with the effects laid out in such a manner that surely makes navigation easier. I might be totally wrong as I know nothing about application development but if it is possible without major effort I think it would be a good idea.

Okay onto the poor man's design concept part.
This first image just shows the 3 rows of effects layout idea Im proposing, as you can see it could work without any major changes to the layout overall. This just groups the effects list better on screen for the user and allows them to acquire and edit any specific effect in a more efficient manner thus saving time and simplifying the whole process for experienced and newer users.

Alternate Layout Part 1:

The second image below is another mock up example, this layout gives the user the option to toggle just the currently enabled effects in the pipeline area, this allows the user to quickly focus on specific effects and then edit only them, and a so simple enough method to group enabled effects is created. This one is more of a non essential feature but if its was an option i still think it would be great for quick snappy editing and managing of effects.

Alternative Layout Part 2:

Im not asking for you to adopt what Im proposing but merely to look at the potential merits of such a layout and hopefully some time in a future update take some of this concept and make it a reality. I understand that Ganossa has to do all the work on the Assistant tool by himself and that something like this might just be too much work or too time consuming, but if it is indeed possible to create something like this then I think it would really make the Assistant tool close to perfect for its purpose. I appreciate all the work that goes into Reshade believe me so Im not attempting to criticize in any way and its easy for me to fart around on Photoshop and come up with concepts I dont have to code or design the actual application and that is the hard work is in making them a reality so I do acknowledge that. Im sure this kinda thing is stuff Ganossa is either considering or has already though of for future releases. I just thougt I would offer my 2 cents so to speak. :cheer:
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