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TOPIC: Add GenericDepthPlugin

Add GenericDepthPlugin 2 years 4 weeks ago #1

If i am ever playing a game where ambient occlusion does not work in reshade, what i do next is go to the GedoSato tool.

If ambient occlusion does not work in a game with reshade, then it will not work in GedoSato either. However gedosato has an option where you can use a generic depth plugin.

In gedosato tool the line is
pluginOverride GenericDepthPlugin

and like magic ambient occlusion works!

I was just wondering if anything like this is possible in reshade? because id much rather use reshade than have to go to gedosato tool.

Also gedosato tool also has these abilities
Vsync (very handy for games with finnicky vsyncs and sometimes it works where nvidia control panel doesnt)

I think it would be cool if you could make reshade the ultimate graphic tool with all of these features.

And sometimes i imagine reshade having its own official professional version for sale (or free) on steam with the ability to sample peoples video settings directly through reshade's UI.

One can dream right?
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Add GenericDepthPlugin 2 years 3 weeks ago #2


That shader was added a while back and allows for viewing the depth buffer which you can then assign a hotkey for in ReShade's GUI to toggle on demand. :)

Some settings for the depth buffer might be needed in ReShade for certain games or game engines, logarithmic and inverted for example are popular in several newer games and for Unity engine ones there's a setting in ReShade for the depth buffer being upside down which is needed for correct depth display.

EDIT: Ah I'm being dumb, you mean a generic depth buffer as a sort of override for when ReShade can't properly hook the games actual depth for whatever reason, now I remember GeDoSaTo having something like that as a override for it's plugin system. :)
(Making depth instead of merely viewing.)
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Add GenericDepthPlugin 10 months 4 days ago #3

reviving this thread, is there a solution?
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