Emulator Depthbuffers

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Emulator Depthbuffers was created by SunBroDave
Hey Crosire, excellent job with all of the new ReShade enhancements. With the impending release of the ReShade Framework I'm sure ReShade is only going to become a more and more powerful tool.

A request that would make it even more powerful:
In this GAF post , Boulotaur explained that it was possible to modify the injector to detect and retrieve depthbuffers from emulators like Dolphin and PPSSPP, so that effects like DOF and AO could be applied to these older titles as well, letting him apply effects to get shots like:

Source: Original ScreenshotComparison Post

Source: Original NeoGAF Post

While the implementation method may be unique to each emulator, I thought that the relatively small number of them might make the task still possible. Really Dolphin, PPSSPP, PCSX2, ePSXe and Project64 might be the only ones worth doing it for.
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