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6 years 8 months ago - 6 years 8 months ago #1 by LasseB four quality of life improvements for the overlay was created by LasseB
I very much like ReShade and the many effects that you and the many volunteers have developed for it. Thanks to everybody for your dedication! There is however room for a couple quality of life improvements.
  • add descriptions for every shader when clicking its name, what it does in general and what each setting does specifically
    • Some shaders are easy to figure out by their name alone while others have me searching the forums. I think it would improve usability a great deal if there were descriptions for all shaders in the overlay.

  • add a button next to each shader's name to restore its settings to default values
    • When experimenting with shader settings for a while, I can't remember what the default values were. How can I reset shaders to their default settings? A button next to each shader entry that allowed people to reset it to default values would go a long way.

  • when clicking a shader name in the upper area of the overlay, open that shader's settings in the lower area of the overlay
    • When wanting to try different shaders or shader combinations with varying settings, I have to scroll a lot to get to each individual shader's settings. Instead, when clicking a shader's name the overlay should jump straight to the settings for that shader.

  • when closing the overlay menu, reactivate the application out of which the overlay was started
    • I found that when closing the ReShade overlay, the game window remains inactive and won't become active even when clicking on it. I first have to open another window (any window) and go back to my game before it accepts my input again.

Thanks :)
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