Reshade needs a generic depth buffer tool

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2 years 7 months ago #1 by Dwill0328
Ambient occlusion does not work in reshade if the game has no depth buffer access. Same problem with the gedosato tool. Which makes sense.

HOWEVER. Gedosato has a tool called "Use Generic Depth Plugin". This forces the game to have depth buffer access no matter what! It always works. It is a gift from the gods.

All the games that reshade cant make AO work. Gedosato can. Because of that magical tool. I just wish reshade had a similar plugin because gedosato tool does not work with 64bit games or old DX8 games converted to DX9.

To enable this tool in gedosato all you have to do is scroll down through the settings file and find the line
# Override the plugin selection process to always select the given plugin
# example: pluginOverride GenericDepthPlugin
pluginOverride None
and change it to
PluginOverride GenericDepthPlugin

Which brings me to wonder.. Why the heck doesn't reshade have this tool?

Also reshade lacks force vsync. Which is another reason i sometimes have to use gedosato tool.

I mentioned this once before here but nobody seemed to have a clue what i was talking about or what exactly the tool does. With this post i hope to encourage the further research of this generic depth plugin tool that gedosato tool uses.

Thanks. You are doing gods work with RESHADE

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2 years 7 months ago #2 by BlueSkyKnight
There is a forum post that explains its use.

The word Magical may be overselling it. But, looks interesting.

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