Depth buffer + switching resolutions

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6 years 5 days ago #1 by RakkhiveFace Depth buffer + switching resolutions was created by RakkhiveFace
Hello developer!
First of all... This is not to bash reshade in any way. I freakin' love it!
I learned the hard way that depth buffer access takes place just once, when the game gets loaded, and the information gets "locked" for the resolution at which the game starts.
The thing is that I like to switch to a higher resolution than my native (usually 2x) while in game, for screenshooting purposes.
Is it possible to force reshade to reload depth buffer once the switch to another resolution takes place?

Thank you v e r y much!

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6 years 5 days ago #2 by crosire Replied by crosire on topic Depth buffer + switching resolutions
This is not true. ReShade actually reruns the depth buffer detection algorithm every 30 frames. What you are talking about is a specific quirk with just one game which is RAGE. Since it's the only game with this issue there isn't enough motivation for me to look into it. Especially since it can be worked around by restarting the game easily.
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