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Texture binding source was created by Martigen
Just a quick suggestion:

I'm finding more and more games seemingly running into the texture binding limit. I use the central repository system where all instances of Reshade load from the same source directory to make it easier to manage. I spent three hours yesterday trying to cut down the central repository (unfortunately -- goodbye some interesting shaders) and determine which shaders bound textures. I'm not a programmer but was browsing the source attempting to find the code that bound textures, rather unsuccessfully (I thought 'tex2d' was related, but in the end this turned out not to be true). I ended up grepping via a bash shell for the names of textures bound that Reshade displayed under Statistics to find the culprits gobbling up texture resources (holy shit MagicBloom!). Which brings me to my suggestion:

In the 'Textures' list under Statistics, show which shaders have bound a certain texture. Some of these are well named by the authors (like Otis'). Many are not.
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