Helix\3Dmigoto compat. shader\tex dump\injection?

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Sourcecodes that might be helpful to make this features into reshade github.com/bo3b/3Dmigoto and github.com/PeterTh/gedosato/

Reshade really needs shader dump and injection just like in helix and 3d migoto, but not like in their version exclusive to d3d9 and d3d11 Reshade could work with anything from d3d8 to OpenGL and probably can dump both in asm and hlsl or hlsl-like internal shading language.

I used Helix and migoto to fix some ugly or buggy internal postprocessing and other shader issues, and also to remove annoying hud elements, highlighting of items, and make games more immersive and realistic and less insulting to intelligence. This is one of my shader\texture dump\injection mods that does that kind of thing and improve game: steamcommunity.com/app/247660/discussions/0/613940477956873544/

In general i see Reshade is better coded with more forward thinking, more compatible, better supported, very universal and simply better in about everything than any other shader injector, but the only problem i see now is that it only injects as post processing overlay and does not allow to change built-in shaders and textures, and all of existing solutions are buggy, unstable, limited not well documented, not well coded and just extra resourced wrapper in chain. So i think reshade is must be that ALL IN ONE ultimate tool that will make other tools absolete. Can you make this happen and can you make it compatible with existing shader mods done with helix and 3Dmigoto? Also can you additionally make it compatible with texmod texture packs and format to replace it as well (for this you have open source code.google.com/p/texmod/ having it as internal feature of reshade would be better than using some messed up laucnher that hard to put in chain with some DRMs like steam, origin etc.)?

Many people dreamed about tool like that for many years, something that would allow to dump shaders and textures from any d3d8-d11 + OpenGL game, mod\fix them and put them back, fix all the issue be it some messed effect, ugly postprocessing, low res texture, create a remastered version of game without paying again to lazy and greedy publishers who does that job much worse than modders. Such universal tool that allows totally improve grapchics and even gameplay (some hud, highlight, minimaps, annoying arrows and things like this may totally change game expirience and make it more realistic and hardcore)! Just think about this please!

And one more thing to add to list: I never saw program like this, that allows to dump static and dynamic meshes in some open wide-supported format to edit, and then inject it back. the closes thing to this i saw was ninja ripper and dX ripper, but they only dumped scene with models and texture, without any way to import them back.
Im sure that this sort of thing can be done almost same way as with shader and texture dumping, named tools already dumped scene, with some more effort and heuristics im sure scene could be separated tot dynamic and static data, nobody just tried to do that and import it back to game on fly. Just imaging how any low poly model and low detailed environment can be improved, how invisible walls can be ditched and areas could be expanded, how objects without colision meshes could have some added (at least static), how holes in maps could be fixed.

Please do this, at least start with shader dump\injection ;-)

Thank you!
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