Reshade is improving! But i still need to use gedosato tool at times :(

2 years 1 month ago #1 by Dwill0328
Whoever made reshade's ambient occlusion work with pretty much all games (due to the new dx9 tab setting to clear depth buffer or something) YOU ARE A GOD! I always had to use gedosato tool for games where reshades AO didnt work.

i almost dont need gedosato tool at all anymore, wahooooooo!

However Gedosato tool has these features that reshade does not
-Force vsync on or off (using vsync in gedosato tool sometimes made games butter smooth whereas nvidias/in-game vsync did not at all)
-Force borderless fullscreen mode (this has fixed games where the fps was 60 but didnt feel smooth, sometimes just fiddling with window settings fixes games)
-Force true fullscreen mode (like above sometimes this fixes games that just dont perform right)
-Force downsampling
-Force custom resolution (this allowed me to be first person on planet to get alone in the dark to run at 1080p)

Nothing feels worse to my OCD than playing a game with both reshade and gedosato tool running at the same time but i have no other choice sometimes

Right now im playing divinity 2 and its refresh rate/vsync system is just absolutely botched. Even at 250fps the game feels like its running at 30fps. Ive learned over the years that you can make almost any directX game run butter smooth if you know how to tinker with it. If i force 1920x1080 res in gedosato tool it nearly fixes the game completely. It shouldnt because 1920x1080 is already a supported resolution in the game options. But sometimes just running gedosato tool has some effect on the window the game runs in. And fixes many many games

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2 years 1 month ago #2 by Martigen
You can do all of this except downsampling and custom resolutions with SpecialK, and it supports chain loading Reshade.

Downsampling you can do via drivers these days, and use tools like CRU for custom resolutions.

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