Does reshade have a welcome message like ENB?

1 year 9 months ago #1 by giodjgiodhgdi
Does reshade have a welcome message like ENB? was created by giodjgiodhgdi
I am considering switching to Reshade from ENB for Fallout 4 because every time I start the game there is a big white paragraph that emerges from the top left corner of my screen indicating that I am using ENB, followed by another intrusive line of yellow text with other useless information that I don't wish to see. I talked to Boris and he basically said he is not going to remove that, and he made the mod so he can do whatever he wants. Imagine if every mod you installed had its own line of text that plastered on the title and loading screen (that sometimes stretches into the game itself). Your entire screen would be filled with random text and you wouldn't be able to navigate the menu!

So anyways, I hear reshade has a similar message which is a let down as that is the only reason I want to switch over. Is it possible to remove? I hear that reshade is open source unlike ENB, so how can I go about to removing that text if it exists? I don't want any intrusions from any mods. I know the author should receive the appropriate credit for his work, but there is a place for that, and its not permanently fixed to in game title screens. Bethesda added options to skip all of those into screens, so I don't see why mods are adding their own "intros" that aren't skippable.


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