Vsync through reshade, hear me out please...

2 weeks 6 days ago #1 by Yourselfhere
Vsync through reshade, hear me out please... was created by Yourselfhere
i realize it has been proposed before and no real need for it was found but i have something, "optimus". almost all laptops using nvidia gpu use the optimus technology and as such, they don't adaptive vsync, fastsync, half rate vsync or any other vsync. now one might say that vanilla vsync does the job well enough, which might be great if it worked. i am not sure if its nvidia drivers or windows update but it hasn't worked in a long time. i wanted to use it for witcher 1 which doesn't have vsync and hit only two of my four core cpu, and it hits them hard to the point it becomes the bottleneck first in unlocked frame rate which is probably the reason this game is well known for stuttering, i tried to lock the frame rate to 60 which seemed to help with the stutters but introduced horrible tearing, much worse than with unlocked frame rate. there are quite a few old games that don't have vsync and there doesn't seem to be any reliable way of getting across this optimus hurdle, i've seen some suggest "disable full screen optimisations" in windows 10 but that doesn't always work and in my case i couldn't even start the game after that. i don't know if its even possible to do it through reshade but i don't know any other software that might be able to do it. there are a lot of people who could really use it, a half rate vsync will be a godsend to laptop users with weaker gpus.

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