Request: Create safe to use version of ReShade.

1 year 6 months ago #1 by Faustus86
There are more and more games out there that have things like nighttime on their servers and ReShade is getting banned in these games. Please create a safe-to-use version of reshade with build-in none editable shaders that do not allow to make nights brighter or add things like zoom function, flashlights or crosshairs into competitive games.

There are many colorblind people who need Reshade to play certain games. And ofc visual fanatics like most of us..

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9 months 1 week ago #2 by lufusol
What you're asking is for has a few major hurdles to overcome
- ReShade would need to be able to predict and adapt to a LOT of different scenarios and do AI-level decisionmaking, which is well beyond the scope of ReShade
- Even if it wasn't, it's not possible or realistic to do what you propose without severely limiting the functionality of shaders because making nights brighter isn't a simple, single "on or off" option in the configuration; it can involve dozens of different settings for different shaders
- Even if you solved both those problems which would take considerable doing, none of that is going to stop developers from deciding to detect and ban the use of ReShade

As for the issue of ableism, you should petition the game developers themselves to consider options for colorblind folks when developing the game. Many games now have a "chromatic abberation" setting which may help some colorblind folk find the edges of objects, some games even have settings specifically for the various types of colorblindness. It's nice that ReShade can facilitate presets which address colorblindness, but the reason game developers ban it is for cheating, so again, petition with them to get those options added to the game.

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