GeometryFX in Reshade?

1 year 3 months ago #1 by Alabama GeometryFX in Reshade? was created by Alabama
GeometryFX is AMD's shader based culling method, that removes triangles that are backside or too small or out of camera, before the actual render pipeline. They introduced this especially to help with tesselation and shadow render.

Though it is shader based, it comes as a library and expects you to allocate all your geometry via its own functions.

But do you think it would be possible to somehow integrate this as an option into Reshade?
Or does anyone have an idea how this could otherwise be implemented in Reshade?

It's important to me, because I have some OpenGL Apps that would benefit tremendously from this.

Thanks for your consideration if this is possible at all.

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1 year 3 months ago - 1 year 3 months ago #2 by Tojkar Replied by Tojkar on topic GeometryFX in Reshade?
No: "Applications which want to integrate GeometryFX as-is are expected to allocate all static geometry through GeometryFX" and "At run-time, the application has to provide the view/projection matrix to GeometryFX and the list of objects that have to be rendered."

Those processes requires injecting into rendering pipeline BEFORE the rasterization which is something Reshade is not designed to do. That is game specific and cannot be generalized to work everywhere, which is completely out of Reshade's focus.

Both Reshade and GeometryFX are open source, however, so it should be possible to combine the functionality of both into one application specific injection.
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1 year 3 months ago #3 by Alabama Replied by Alabama on topic GeometryFX in Reshade?
Yeah I suspected it's a problematic issue and unlikely to be done.

What I had hoped is possible, since Reshade provides its own opengl.dll , that it could intercept the geometry allocations from the normal functions, especially the VertexBuffer calls, and translate them to GeometryFX functions behind the scene. Oh man, if only something like this were possible, it would be amazing. I don't have high hopes, but if only.

Oh well. The Windows driver for OpenGL on AMD cards is so immensely frustrating. The OpenGL drivers for Linux are absolutely amazing and the best thing out there, easily double the performance and more than the Window version on the very same card. I was hoping for anything to somehow ease the problem at least a little bit. Hopefully in a couple years somebody out there makes an efficient Vulkan wrapper for OpenGL. Prices for graphics cards remain fucked for god knows how long. Guess that's how it is for the foreseeable future.

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