Shaders to write to the DepthBuffer

2 weeks 3 hours ago #1 by AlucardDH
Shaders to write to the DepthBuffer was created by AlucardDH
Hello Crosire,

For a lot of games, there is no depthbuffer (old games, or using DosBox for example) or a corrupted one (emulators..).
We could build a specific version of Reshade with custom DephtBuffer (somebody already did this for emulators but it's based on an old version and pretty buggy).

So, I tried to compute/correct DepthBuffers with shaders and save it to a new texture, that i then use by modifying Reshade common library (GetLinearizedDepth).
I achieved some results but it's very hacky.
So, i wondered if it would be possible to directly write to the depthbuffer so it's available without changing commons or other shaders per game basis.
Or if it's not possible to write to the DepthBuffer, add a hook to commons to enable using a custom texture as depthbuffer.

Best regards.

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