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1 year 7 months ago #1 by annluan Steam Release was created by annluan
I am having an absolute BLAST with ReShade, thanks to it i'm being able to actually enjoy classic games otherwise barely playable!
Hence, I can't help but compare it to Retroarch. Upon release, it was an absolute game changer for emulation, but when it was released for Steam it reached a whole new level. Being able to cloud save your configurations, auto updates, downloading and syncing cores straight from it, it was all just something else.

How many hoops would the devs have to jump to get ReShade on the Steam store? I even wouldn't mind paying a couple dozen bucks for it or for a supporter version.
Presets could be uploaded to the workshop, game-finding could be linked to the steam directory, and - most importantly - user personal settings could be cloud synced so if I uninstall a game and decide to play it a few years from now my reshade settings would be just as I set 'em, no additional setup needed. 

Thanks! I hope this is considered!

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