RAGE w/ GEMFX shaders

6 years 9 months ago - 6 years 9 months ago #1 by Deathmedic
RAGE w/ GEMFX shaders was created by Deathmedic
after seeing some rage screenshots in the screenshot page i've been wanting to install rage and make my own preset for it.

unfortunatly most of the GEMFX shaders seems to screw the games visuals up.
with ambient light and bloom the textures are all garbled and the game becomes unplayable due to this.
with just ambient light it is far less promient but still there.

the issue is even present when reshade is toggled off.

on a side note the smaa shader in sweetfx cause the game to have a wierd contrast issue but fxaa works fine.

EDIT: forgot happens with both 18.4 and the latest release.
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