[Warhammer Online]Graphical glitch/bug

6 years 8 months ago #1 by Sildur
First off, yeah I know they shut down their servers, but there's a project going on to keep warhammer online age of recknoning alive:

There's a bug going on causing npcs to turn white whenever using any form of a d3d9 injector, (so even happens with enbseries or sweetfx).
This was never resolved so I thought to make a post here. A workarround was to disable the lightmap in the ingame options but that removes the lighting and highlighting which is pretty meh...

ReShade version 1.0.0 (doesnt matter tho)
Log file -> pastebin.com/nQ42P1EZ
Screenshot how it looks like -> i.imgur.com/saYVN3I.png
GTX 770 driver 356.04
Win10 x64 Pro

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