Skyrim: ENB + ReShade = broken exterior lighting

6 years 11 months ago - 6 years 11 months ago #1 by Skycuza Skyrim: ENB + ReShade = broken exterior lighting was created by Skycuza
I came across a thread that dealt with this problem for ENB alone. The solution was to edit skyrimprefs.ini and change bDeferredShadows to 1. You can see where I'm going with this... That's exactly the setting that has to be 0 for ReShade to work properly in Skyrim without weird crap all over the screen. I need my orange sunsets and blue nights. One of these programs breaks depending on that stupid deferred shadows setting.

Does anyone know another way to make the broken shadows go away aside from changing bDeferredShadows to 0? Or the source of the problem? I renamed all the ReShade CFG's to see if it's a specific shader, ReShade loaded with no effects, but the phantom/broken shadows were still there. So i assume it's d3d9.dll doing it.

Is there maybe an older d3d9.dll for ReShade I can use that doesn't have this problem? Is there some texture/mesh/anything in skyrims data folder I can change/delete to stop it? Idk what a deferred shadow is but maybe if I disabled the character from making them it would stop (It goes away briefly if I look straight down). Does anyone not have this problem (perhaps it's a mod conflict?) Or if anyone knows how to take ENB out of "Interior" lighting mode, that would be great. Why bDeferredShadows=1 makes ENB think I'm always indoors is beyond me.

Edit: As to a workaround, I've been trying to run SweetFX 1.5 (before it ran off ReShade; it doesn't cause the shadow problem) with some of the awesome shaders in ReShade. Giant waste of my time, couldn't code the shaders in.

Edit Again: Screw that workaround. I forgot Boulotaur's version of SweetFX has Gaussian bloom (which is what I wanted, same kinda thing as Ambient Light shader), and a nice film grain too! So for now I'm using that unless someone figures out a way to run ReShade with deferred shadows on. But for now, ENB exterior custom lighting works and I'm happy.
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