NFS Rivals worked till defrag game crash

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4 years 5 months ago - 4 years 5 months ago #1 by iCeOL8TR
It worked at first but now anytime I try to run the game after a crash while defragging and gaming at same time(takes days to defrag this drive) no matter if I fully wipe and reinstall files I keep getting a crash I see the version/crosire opening message then windows pops a crash window nfs rivals fails to work. If I pull the dlls from the nfs folder the stock game works. Win 10 14257.

I can't tell anything from the log file but I don't know what I'm doing here. Looks like it just ends prematurely after comparing to other logs which probably means its of little help.

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4 years 5 months ago - 4 years 5 months ago #2 by iCeOL8TR
Hmm well ended up Windows 10, but this feature goes as far back as XP or earlier, was zoning all the SweetFX reshade files with some kind of security block. I finally right clicked properties one of the files and there was a third checkbox next to readonly and archive called unblock that I had never seen before and sure enough it was on every reshade sweetfx file as well as in cs:go which I was using an older prepackaged csgo sweetfx there it had the same zoning block. So after a search and a microsoft answer page read I ran streams. Get streams and from microsoft technet(trust me technet files are safe) and I just drag and drop them in the windows folder to put them in the cmd path. This is the only way to batch unblock all the files basically it just -s recurses all subdirectors and -d deletes all streams(I assume streams are the file security(which contains the zoning) file attributes) basically just removes all the blocks on all files without having to right click properties check the check box apply each one by mouse. Make sure you run cmd prompt as administrator its good to pin cmd prompt to task bar and then right click rightclick the icon in the superbar thumbnail run as administrator(figured I'd make this a guide incase someone new runs into this years from now).

C:\WINDOWS\system32>streams -s -d "C:\Program Files (x86)\Origin Games\Need for Speed(TM) Rivals"

Microsoft Question Page I got streams tip from

Link to Streams aka TechNet

Also do the gpedit.msc enable so it doesnt do it anymore in the future.

This will take all those unblocks off the properties menus and I assume this lets the game then see reshade/sweetfx but it's still not working... maybe I need to reboot or something. Also even after unblocking the older sweetfx on csgo and triple checking everything its still not loading as if the files are not even in the folder or its not tripping it. Man this is turning into a nightmare. This wrinkle just made the problem a whole lot more annoying. Been a user of sweetfx for years never had this much of a problem with it like many tweaks if you have the files in the right place it just works. This is some old microsoft security feature or something else interfering that I've never run into before and its really p***ing me the @#$! off. I'm not crapping on reshade/sweetfx and I don't think its because I'm on beta windows either just some weird confluence of old microsoft security features and weird crash I had. I have very good attention to detail and doing this over and over is a pain because everything is in the right place and still crashing on nfs rivals and no load on csgo but the game plays stock. NFS rivals still works too if I remove the dlls and whatnot and play the stock game.

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4 years 5 months ago - 4 years 5 months ago #3 by iCeOL8TR
Well I should have thought of this earlier but I should have run the recurse zoning unblock on the whole c drive because it must have been blocking nvidia driver files as well which was interfering with reshade/sweetfx. I upgraded to 361.91 drivers maybe not highest fps but they do have some in game movement zip to them it seems and because of the gpedit.msc zoning disable enable tweak when I reinstalled the drivers this time it didnt block the parts of it and now it works. Dont forget to

C:\WINDOWS\system32>streams -s -d C:\
Hmm seems like every single file that had alternate data streams ntfs feature this process could not open even from an elevated cmd prompt.
Noticed calc aka calculator is also not working and crashing similar to nfs with reshade/sweetfx was(NOW FIXED THANK GOD). Think that defrag put these alternate data streams flags on somehow or windows did as a security reaction to the defrag and now I need to find a way to get streams to clean them off all the files but this is yet to be resolved even doing just C:\ users causes the same result. Worked well tho no open errors in the nfs folder or the csgo folder.

as well if you run into this problem its coming up with allot of path errors it says it cannot find and its going to take awhile to get through the 2TB of my gaming C drive but glad its working the csgo sweetfx 1.5.1 prebundled is now also working. Banged my head against this for 14 hours in total(what a waste of time) and it was some new pop up checkbox in the properties menu I didnt think to check before that tipped me to the solution. Never heard of zoning file security attributes before.... oh well I guess you learn something new on pcs for the rest of your life........................

Tweak to turn off zoning security attributes
Windows key + r
gpedit.msc ....... enter
User Configuration > Administrative Templates > Windows Components > Attachment Manager
Enable: Do not preserve zone information in file attachments

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4 years 5 months ago #4 by iCeOL8TR
Well it seems that there is some other component to this because ITS BACK AFTER A REBOOT TO INSTALL SOME FANS TO COOL HDDS. Seems the driver install was just a temporary fix(I hate now that I have to reboot twice to reinstall drivers now and its become a whole process with DDU and the like its too damn long). Same problem as before all the files are in the right place nothing looks different the streams zoning blocking has ended that didnt come back but now reshade/sweetfx dont work on nfs rivals or cs go. On rivals I have to delete the reshade files then it works fine. On cs go sweetfx 1.5.1 just doesnt load its like whatever security reaction windows is having I cant see disables reshade and sweetfx no matter what the version is and there is no way to tell by looking at any file tree or anything it all looks the same and dxgi.log just ends prematurely establishing swapchains......................... Really stumped on this one what a pain this is why is it I have to run into the most baffling crap all the time with pcs....................

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4 years 5 months ago #5 by crosire
Sounds like there is a deeper issue somewhere in the system. Try a "sfc /scannow" in the commandline and probably a full disk check/repair too with "chkdsk /f".

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4 years 5 months ago - 4 years 5 months ago #6 by iCeOL8TR
I'll run it but I'll bet 99% chance thats not it. Its some security thing we dont know about and its selectively blocking foriegn files or something if I had to guess how it knows this I have no idea but it sure did have that zoning block on every reflex/sweetfx file you didnt see anything in that log did you? Or its some way that reshade or sweetfx is interacting with the graphics driver is being blocked.......
Windows runs flawlessly and fast as do all games - the sweetfx no performance hit everything seems fine calc and other metro apps may be faulting but I've always had problems with those because they run on msid with different security thats always breaking anyway.

sweetfx log.log from 1.5.1

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Recent dxgi.log

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Oh well I just reinstalled by upgrading to 14267 build of windows 10 tech preview introduced into fast ring a few days ago. Problem gone for now. Too bad it was interesting one nothing was wrong with windows files or the disk. Not sure what that was but 14267 is allot snappier. Completely Superior. Graze paint colors pop allot more with K-puttes config on this game.

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