Black Screen With Reshade in Quake 4

6 years 3 months ago - 6 years 3 months ago #1 by Xmall
Hi All,
Total reshade newbie here... I stumbled across this as part of an update mod for Quake 4: (

The mod uses 'Reshade Ultimate and SweetFX (?)' however when i boot the game it shows some white text showing the shaders have been successfully loaded but other than that - just a black screen. Without reshade it works fine.

I also found a reshade profile for Quake 4 under presets on this site - had the same problem.

Moving the mouse around I can hear it interacting with menu's - alt tabbing you see the actual screen flicker then it returns to black.

I am running an ATI R9 390 on Windows 10.

If anyone can help, I would be most appreciative!

Thanks All
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