"Your PC is low on resources" with ReShade SMAA

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7 years 6 months ago - 7 years 6 months ago #1 by MonarchX "Your PC is low on resources" with ReShade SMAA was created by MonarchX
I noticed that ever since ReShade 2.00 and then 2.01f1, 2.01f2, and 2.01f3, once in a while (once every 1-2 hours of gameplay or so) I get a CTD with an error from Rise of the Tomb Raider when using either in-game or ReShade SMAA (read 2nd paragraph about SMAA combinations). It tells me my PC low on resources, unable to handle graphics settings, running low on memory, and similar BS. The error code/line always has "DXGI" as the place of the problem (don't remember exact error). Its absurd because the game is running at steady 40-60fps without any problems and VRAM utilization is below 3.8GB when I set Textures to High and its the setting I use. I run the game at 1080p, not 1440p, let alone 4K. I have an optimized PC with 16GB of RAM, NOT running: AV's or Anti-Spyware, background programs except for MSI AB (without RTSS overlay), Steam (overlay disabled), and Xonar DGX Audio Control Panel. There are no 3rd party background services, startup items or scheduled tasks. RAM is definitely not the problem as it is mostly free. Page File was always set to custom size of 4096MB and I had plenty of free SSD space on my system disk. My OC is perfectly stable and my GPU clocks don't get recent when the error happens, although temps get as high as 65C (max fan speed), which is quite normal for GTX 980. In summary - my system is fine.

This error only happens when SMAA is somehow involved...
- ReShade FXAA + no in-game AA = no error
- ReShade SMAA + no in-game AA = DXGI error in 1-2hrs of gameplay
- ReShade FXAA + in-game SMAA = DXGI error in 1-2hrs of gameplay (best option I want to use because ReShade FXAA removes more aliasing than in-game FXAA and in-game SMAA, BUT in-game SMAA removes more temporal aliasing than ReShade SMAA)
- ReShade FXAA + in-game FXAA = no error
- ReShade SMAA + in-game SMAA = DXGI error in 1-2hrs of gameplay
- No ReShade + in-game FXAA = no error
- No ReShade + in-game SMAA = no error

Any idea why this is happening? I haven't tested ReShade 1.1.0 (with 1.1.0 and 1.2.0 DLL files) yet. There's another game, (super-heavily-modded Fallout 4) that gives me a similar error, but the error carries a generic message "Your system is running low on resources" (no mention of DXGI). The circumstances are different because I get this error when my VRAM utilization goes past 4080MB and I don't even use ReShade SMAA with Fallout 4.. Rise of the Tomb Raider never gets close to that value.

Here's the ReShade 2.01f3 Log for Rise of the Tomb Raider (ReShade64.dll renamed to DXGI):
Warning: Spoiler!

Any ideas? I'd really like to play Rise of the Tomb Raider with ReShade FXAA + in-game SMAA for the best experience...
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