Having issues with Reshade 2.0.1f4

6 years 8 months ago #1 by Dwill0328 Having issues with Reshade 2.0.1f4 was created by Dwill0328
I have been applying reshade to final fantasy a realm reborn with great results using Reshade 2.0.1f2 (Without running as admin however it would lock up while changing the reshade auto-detection dot from DX9 to DX11)

With the newest 2.0.1f4 i am having an issue, when i point at the game executable the directx version auto-detector dot does not show on any option (although the D3D9 font does turn orange) when i go to change it to the D3D11 dot nothing happens. There is not dot at all. This occurs with or without running the program as admin on windows10 pro

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6 years 8 months ago - 6 years 8 months ago #2 by WolfGrimDark Replied by WolfGrimDark on topic Having issues with Reshade 2.0.1f4
Just wanted to add I have the same problem. I had no problem making a preset, adding the various shaders and values and saving them. but the profile generation had the d3d11 set by default (and I need it to be dxgi) and I could select no other options. I can't use dxd11 as ENB uses that and for FO4 I used dxgi with ReShade for version 1.1. In the end I just saved it and manually did the change. But then things are not working right so not sure if this is the problem.I could not load or preview the game through the assistant (it seemed like you should be able to from the tutorial on youtube).

I got ReShade to compile and load but I had an all white screen with orange/yellow text and other weird graphic glitches. I didn't find any instructions for installing so I installed the reshade.fx, dxgi.dll, and reshade folder in the FO4 folder (much like you did for 1.1).

For some reason it isn't showing the effects I saved but seems to be doing something else. I can disable the effects with the assigned key so I know the custom global profile settings are working.

The settings I am using are the exact same as 1.1 except for Debanding which has changed since then. So I disabled that just in case that was an issue. Made no difference. Its like it isn't reading the preset even though the profile INI points to it correctly. Game isn't playable as you can't see anything - just white screen and parts of text and GUI are highlighted ugly orange/yellow. Also in the upper corner get a weird pool of colors, mostly red, orange, and yellow, that squirm around. Something is seriously off. Version 1.1 works great though so sticking to that for now.

EDIT: I should add I set the assistant and previewer to run as admin and compatible for win7 as I saw that in the forum discussions. That let me see the rotating cube. But it didn't help with the profile selection of the DLL nor did I get anything working once the game loaded.
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6 years 8 months ago #3 by Dwill0328 Replied by Dwill0328 on topic Having issues with Reshade 2.0.1f4
Yes hopefully they are aware of this issue as the current iteration of reshade is unusable

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