ReShade 2.0.3f1: Assistant Problems. (EDIT#4)

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ReShade 2.0.3f1: Assistant Problems. (EDIT#4) was created by FierySwordswoman
2.0.3f1 doesn't fix it.

Alright, I just downloaded 2.0.2F1 to see how the new version fairs with my issues in my other thread, but I encountered a problem.
In short: any time I try to update or change a profile (to replace the old 2.0.1f4 dll's with the new ones) it applies the changes to the first profile.
My first three profiles are:
Battlefield 4

Clicking the 'update' button and updating the BattlefrontII profile's d3d9.dll works fine. The file in File Explorer had it's latest modification date changed.
Clicking the 'update' button on either Battlefield 4 or Dolphin will successfully update their respective dxgi.dll files.... to the BattlefrontII profile. Visible by the 'Successfully updated profile BattlefrontII' log in ReShade Assistant and the new dxgi.dll file in the Battlefront 2 GameData directory, replacing the needed d3d9.dll.
No changes to the Battlefield 4 or Dolphin profile/game directory are visible.

EDIT: I manually added the dxgi.dll for Battlefield 4 and GTA V since I play those occasionally.
The whole time in-game the log in the upper-left says "No effect found" and no shaders are applied.

EDIT 2: Manually copying the xxxx.dll's, ReShade folder, and ReShade.fx file to the game directories work. This is only a partial solution as it defeats the whole purpose of ReShade Assistant's profiles.

EDIT 3: Adding a new profile makes all further updates go to that profile instead of the first one. Example: adding a Factorio profile means updating the Battlefield 4 or Dolphin profile will apply the changes of the updated profile exclusively to the Factorio profile instead of the BattlefrontII profile. I'm sorry for the confusing sentence structure.

EDIT 4: Simply deleting and re-adding the profiles update the files, so edit #2 is now lame. This also fixes the "No Effect Found" thing from edit #1, so that's now lame as well. Everything now works, except you have to delete and re-add a profile every single time you want to update it (which is a good possibility if the devs don't list their rendering api on the system requirements page. The new 'Assistant' has horrible api detection compared to the ole' mediator from my experiences.)

I'm not sure where a log for this would be. If you need one, tell me how to get it and I'll add it.
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6 years 5 months ago #2 by MonarchX
I can't get the newest ReShade Assistant to work at all. I official give up on the Mediator/Assistant and similar tools for ReShade a while back. I don't want to offend the developers since I don't know how to program/code and probably don't realize how hard and time-consuming it is, considering these developers are not even being paid, but it what it is - a very poor tool that is confusing/complex, hard to use, has ton of bugs, comes with unfriendly GUI, and at the moment does not work at all. Thing is, developers don't seem to listen or even reply to my suggestions of making a normal simple GUI, like this one, which would be perfect IMHO:

WOLF is a program for something entirely different, but the GUI concept could easily be utilized for ReShade. All we need is a Main / General tab, Profiles tab, Presets tab, Values tab, and Preview tab (Assistant and Assistant Preview should in one program) in that manner with normal tabs like they were with Mediator, but simpler design with gray-ish Windows colors like WOLF uses.

IMHO Mediator was better than Assistant and it if used simple gray-ish Windows colors I mentioned above instead of orange-red outline with black backgrounds and did not produce flickering with stuttering when changing tabs and selecting shaders, it could've been more or less OK, but far from great or even good. Organizing profiles and presets for profiles for Mediator was a mess because it preserved some data and not other. Supposedly ReShade Assistant has fewer profile and preset management issues, but I can't even get it to do anything... It also has A BIT nicer GUI colors, but still too unusual and more complex that could be.

In Summary:
All ReShade GUI tools up to date, including Mediator and ReShade Assistant + ReShade Assistant Preview, are far too problematic and far too inadequate for use - in MY opinion. You have no idea what profile and/or which preset is actually being applied and/or whether your shaders work and/or your values and/or what happens when you move the game folder to another folder or rename it or delete it or you have .exe with the same name or whatever else - the list goes on and on. You won't be able to tell if a bug in the ReShade Assistant or ReShade itself, which further makes reporting bugs more problematic and less accurate. If you want to be certain and avoid as many bugs as possible, stick to copying the 3 things into games' exe folder - 1. ReShade folder 2. ReShade.fx and 3. ReShade32.dll / ReShade64.dll (renamed to whatever). Then you'll just experience ReShade-related and exclude

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6 years 5 months ago - 6 years 5 months ago #3 by FierySwordswoman
Replied by FierySwordswoman on topic ReShade 2.0.2f1: Problems. (Partly Solved. EDIT#4)
Huh, I haven't had any issues until now (besides the api auto-detect algorithm as of 2.0 in general).

It's not my favorite GUI (foobar2000 is : D ), but it's customizable to an extent; also, you get to see previews of the other tabs which I like. It has 'different' controls, but once I learned it it was a-o-good. I prefer the newest iteration of Assistant (minus current bug) over Mediator, personally. I've always been able to tell what profile/preset is applied, if it's a ReShade or Assistant bug, how to adjust Assistant for a moved game folder, etc. It IS kinda complex, but ReShade's target audience isn't exactly people who don't know much about PC's, now is it? : P

I used to manually edit my stuff until I picked up the mediator, and it wasn't hard.
With 2.0, though, the shader config's are organized by maker, not set, so the text files' layout is much more time-consuming to edit.

Alright, "dev's don't even listen to me"; I've heard that a lot for lots of different things. This only really applies to some large AAA companies (Rockstar, although even they've fixed a game-impeding bug I've sent them.) or shady ones (Greenlight in general lol). You'd be honestly surprised how much of the forums/comments smaller or mod devs read (Maybe not reply. That takes a lot more time out of their schedule.).

I'm not trying to bash apart everything you say or white-knight the ReShade devs; I'm just giving my thoughts on your main points.
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