Mastereffect not working Prepar 3D v3

6 years 1 month ago #1 by copilot767
Mastereffect not working Prepar 3D v3 was created by copilot767
Hello :)
Hope someone can help, to getting Mastereffect working in Prepar 3D v3 (32 bit program)
Reshade Version 2.0.3f1
Mastereffect Reborn 1.1.287

Using Windows 7 64bit.

Copied Reshade32.dll to Main directory of Prepare 3d and renamed to Dxgi

from Mastereffect - copied Mastereffect (filefolder) Mastereffect (H file) Reshade.fx to main directory prepar 3D.

Starting Prepare 3D - and it says compiling succeded.
But I cant manage in Mastereffect (H file) seems nothing change when changing effects (0 or 1) and 0x91 doesnt work either.

Can I have forgot something ?

Chris from Denmark

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