Battlefield 4 Not working

7 years 4 months ago - 7 years 4 months ago #1 by Chewiemuse
Battlefield 4 Not working was created by Chewiemuse
I tried using the dxgi.dll setting and it magically worked after a little tweaking but would just crash the game
then I got 13.1 reshade and the game then wouldnt even start.

Heres the log from when it actually popped up the Reshade greeting message

Warning: Spoiler!


I just renamed the DLL to DXD11 because Im thinking maybe they updated the game? and it seems to be working, will test out more. Reshade may need to update the compatibility list with the proper DLL tag


Game doesnt seem to be working with either dll setting. Game started and I got message but no hook logging on the startup of the game in the top right corner, and no effect to the game when changing Reshade.fx at all

EDIT3: Seems Reshade 12 isnt working for me either but what happens is the greetings message pops up I click yes and then nothing. Game doesnt start up. Im using the SweetFX version im not sure if thats the problem.
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