Issue with Aion using Overwolf

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4 years 1 month ago #1 by Mangoprime
Hi. I'm using Overwolf's SweetFX app to directly install Reshade and SweetFX into my Aion directory. The issue with Aion is when I pick the installation folder (x64 BIN file), when I relaunch the game it says that the installation was bad, and I always have to re pick a folder and try again. I've tried just about every folder and every Direct3D option also and none of the installations work. I had issues with Overwolf finding Aion in the games directory, so I manually had Overwolf see the Launcher directory which is in a totally different directory than the game (Launcher is in a folder called NCWest and the game is in another folder called NCsoft). Just wondering if anyone has used Overwolf and installed SweetFX/Reshade on Aion.

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