Witcher 3 - FPS spikes / micro stutter

6 years 5 months ago #1 by deztro Witcher 3 - FPS spikes / micro stutter was created by deztro
So i'm using a reshade which literally only brightens the screen, nothing else. (I believe it's tonemap).

However reshade itself (even if all settings are off) seems to kill my fps. I go from a steady 48 - 50 to a super spikey 40 - 47 with stutter. This is even if all the settings are off.

Anyone have any clue on how to fix this? I really like the look of brightened screen, get's rid of that wierd murky/grey filter thing going on.

This stutter/spikey fps only happens with witcher 3. Reshade works fine for me in every other game.

I've tried - ReShade 0.18.7 Public Beta with Framework.
- Reshade 2.0

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