Games That Once Worked, No Longer Do

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Games That Once Worked, No Longer Do was created by cloud6625
I've been using Reshade on many different games without issue. Two games in particular are Sonic Generations and Call of Duty World At War. These games have worked without issue in the past.

For some reason now, whenever I try to use Reshade on either of them, the games simply crash giving me a program not responding error without Reshade making any sort of noticeable crash dump.

I have yet to test any other games, but the two games have in common that they are both 32 bit d3d9.dll games and both use steam. I will try out other similar games to see if the issue happens with them as well. In the meantime any worthwhile suggestions would be appreciated.

Note: I have tried using both the latest version of Reshade and reverting back to a previous versions that worked before. It still crashed. To me, it seems like an issue on my end. Something with my hardware, but I'm not entirely sure.

Edit: Alright so I tested out some more games. Trine 3, Sonic 4 Episodes 1 and 2, and Half Life 2 which are all d3d9.dll games all crashed upon launch while dxgi.dll games such as Shadow of Mordor and Dark Souls 3 appear to run just fine. So this definitely seems to show that its just directx 9 programs giving me problems. I'll see about installing some directx 9 packages to see if it fixes the issue.

I actually did get a crash dump from Sonic 4 Episode 1. Here it is:
Warning: Spoiler!
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