Reshade Dolphin Emulator OpenGL Black Screen

5 years 9 months ago #1 by Hliouxas
Hello guys first of all a big thank you for fullfilling my retro CRT gaming fantasies with your software. I have an issue using Reshade with OpenGL with Dolphin emulator. When i apply the shader effects with Reshade the screen turns to black but i can hear the audio playing. When i use the DX11 backened the effects apply without any problem (although in windowed , cause in fullscreen the emulator crashes). Is there any possible fix on that? Cause the OpenGL provides more accurate and faster emulation. If there is any additional information that i should provide let me know guys :)
My system specs :
Dell Laptop with i7 4510U , 4GB DDR3 RAM , Ge force 840m with newest updated drivers , Windows 10 , and Reshade Version 2.0.3f1
Thanks all in advance :)

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