6 years 2 months ago #1 by Mereinid Reshade/SweetFX was created by Mereinid
Hello all, I am trying to install some kind of injector to W3, When it first came out, prior to all DLC, I installed SweetFX/Reshade and it worked flawlessly. Well I have not played since before the first DLC came out and I just purchased them all and updated my mods. Well I cannot get any kind of Injector to work.
The game will not even start my cursor shows a spinning wheel, the button GOG goes grey and then 5 seconds later it goes back to green. My screen doesnt even flash. After this I can remove the Reshade folders and/or the SweetFx I installed and the game will still not start. I have to run a repair/update on the game from the GOG Galaxy app. It will re-downloaded something and re-install C++ software again. I have done this about 5 times since Sunday.

Is there some patch that has killed SweetFX/Reshade? Do I need to wait until an update on those before I can use them?
I have looked on YT and the latest SweetFX/Reshade install video I can find is from back in June of 2016.

If someone can give me a play by play of what I need to do or point me to a current injector install, I will gladly try it again. If its not working at this time can you all let me know. I will stop wasting time and just get on with killing the local monster and human population.

Thanks all and luck and loot to you all.


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6 years 2 months ago - 6 years 2 months ago #2 by crosire Replied by crosire on topic Reshade/SweetFX
Disable the GOG Galaxy in-game overlay (More > Settings > Game > Installed DLCs > Game Overlay). It's not compatible with ReShade.
By the way, to uninstall ReShade, you only have to delete its dxgi.dll from the game. No need to reinstall the entire thing ......
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