ReShade 3.0.3 wont start in borderless window

5 years 6 months ago - 5 years 6 months ago #1 by XIIICaesar
I'm using ReShade 3.0.3 with Arkham Knight on Windows 10. My ingame setting is to run in borderless window mode. Using 2.0.3f1 it runs in borderless window from the start every time. With 3.0.3 however, it always starts in fullscreen mode instead. I've verified this by watching the FPS. It locks to 60 in menus and 30 during gameplay but as soon as I go into my graphics options and back out the game black screens (like you alt tabbed or changed resoultion or window mode) and loads back up as borderless window with FPS no longer locked to 30 or 60 but staying around 45-55 range. I don't know why it's not starting in borderless window mode.

I figured it out. If starting the game with ingame settings to "Borderless Window" and Vsync on it forces it to start in fullscreen. I turned off vsync and restarted the game and it starts in borderless window. I guess it kinda confused me as I recently started playing QWuantum Break (Steam ver) and in borderless window on it vsync is forced on lol. Can someone mark this as Solved?
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