Tutorial causes TS3 to crash to desktop

5 years 7 months ago - 5 years 7 months ago #1 by jen
Hi Everyone,

Could really do with some help on an issue I've been trying to solve since last night. Everytime I try to click continue on the Reshade 3.0 Tutorial for the sims 3 I get a crash to desktop. I'm running a windows 8 laptop with direct x 11 and an Nvidia GT650M card (Intend on buying a gaming PC soon)

Solutions I've tried so far:

- Reinstalling reshade
- Downloading a batch file that states it causes the tutorial to be skipped (Tutorialprogression=4) It didn't work link: reshade.me/forum/general-discussion/2164...te-a-3-0-environment
- Renaming the d3d9 file to d3d11 and dxgi
- Installed the June 2010 Direct X end user (It failed to install)
- Turned all in game settings down to low
- Made sure Nvidia hadn't optimised the game through the Nvidia control panel
- Tried playing the game in windowed mode
- Checked for any compatibility issues for TS3 - reshade.me/compatibility

Would love to experience reshade in my game, so would appreciate any suggestions/solutions you guys have.

Thanks in advance

Solved: Razer Game Booster was causing the problem.
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